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Fizz Book

The Fizzbook for kids

It is mainly aimed at children between the ages of 6 - 14
to help with their academic school work and also encourage
healthy pc learning.
Being an attractive colour green, it appeals to girls and boys!
It is also very small and compact, with the screen being just 7 inches, it looks similar to a portable dvd player,and children can
easily carry it about with the handle that is attatched to the Fizzbook.
So no need to buy any extra bags to transport it places.

The Fizzbook is extremely hardwearing, which is great for
the age category it is aimed at and can withstand being dropped,
splash proof ( if a child spilled a drink maybe ) and any type
of wear & tear a child can throw at it,unlike conventional laptops.
With 512MB of internal memory, 2GB of storage, 2 USB ports, built in
Wi-Fi and 4.5 hours of battery life, any trendy kid is going to want one!

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Perfect for boys and girls.



It is also completely safe for children to use as they cannot access
websites that are not educational or learning websites if a parent sets it to do so, it can link directly to National Curriculum websites to help children with their homework.
It also has Ability Office & a full Windows package, so children can practice their typing or complete homework projects.
Making parents feel much happier about their child using this completely child friendly cute little Fizzbook!


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fizz book

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Fizzbook Computer

The Fizzbook is going to be available from September at all major retailers, selling for
around £199. It has been a big hit at all of the UK's leading gadget fayres throughout 2008.
They are even being introduced in some schools around the globe for children to use
during and after school if needed to help them with their learning.

Compare Fizzbook Prices

The number of fizzbook retailers is multiplying everyday. We compare prices of all Fizzbook retailers daily to ensure you receive the best prices available on the internet.


fizz book

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